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"Child`s Health" 6 (66) 2015

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Student Research Society of the Pediatric Surgery Department

Authors: Veselyi S.V., Latyshov K.V., Klimanskyi R.P. - Donetsk National Medical University named after М. Gorkyi, Krasnyi Lyman, Ukraine

Categories: Pediatrics/Neonatology

Sections: Specialist manual

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Студенческое научное общество клиники детской хирургии Донецкого национального медицинского университета им. М. Горького существует с 1968 г. В работе студенческого научного общества нашей клиники прослеживаются две основные формы деятельности студентов — теоретическая и практическая, причем обе они присутствуют во время заседаний научного общества. В весеннем семестре проводится студенческая научная конференция. Лучшие работы представляются на общеуниверситетскую, всеукраинскую и международные студенческие конференции. Обязательной формой деятельности в студенческом научном обществе является непосредственное участие в проведении диагностических и лечебных манипуляций. Активизация деятельности студенческого научного общества позволяет повысить эффективность обучения детской хирургии в высшей медицинской школе.

Студентське наукове товариство клініки дитячої хірургії Донецького національного медичного університету ім. М. Горького існує з 1968 р. У роботі студентського наукового товариства нашої клініки просліджуються дві основні форми діяльності студентів — теоретична і практична, причому обидві вони присутні під час засідань наукового товариства. У весняному семестрі проводиться студентська наукова конференція. Кращі роботи представляються на загальноуніверситетську, всеукраїнську і міжнародні студентські конференції. Обов’язковою формою діяльності у студентському науковому товаристві є безпосередня участь у проведенні діагностичних і лікувальних маніпуляцій. Активізація діяльності студентського наукового товариства дозволяє підвищити ефективність навчання дитячої хірургії у вищій медичній школі.

Student research society of clinic of children surgery of Donetsk National Medical university named after M. Gorkyi exists since 1968. Our student research society has two main directions in activity of the students — theoretical and practical ones, and both of them are presented during meetings of research society. During a spring semester the student scientific conference is carried out. The best works are represented on University, Ukrainian and international student conferen-ces. The obligatory form of activity in student research society is the immediate involvement in diagnostic and medical manipulations. The enhancement of activity of student research society allows increase learning efficiency of children surgery students at Higher Medical School.


студенческое научное общество, детская хирургия.

студентське наукове товариство, дитяча хірургія.

student research society, children surgery.


The problem of improving the effectiveness of teaching special subjects in the Graduate School of Medicine due to increasing demands for knowledge and skills of young professionals in the limited time allowed by the curriculum for the development of information. In turn, the amount of the information field is constantly increasing. In these circumstances, the role of learning tools, which are based on increasing the interest of students to the subject. The result of the development of students in high school, the result of professional self-determination should be the psychological readiness to professional activity and the ability to self-development.

The priority task of the national system of education in Ukraine is the production the competitive specialists at the labor market. This goal is achieved by the introduction in the educational process of progressive pedagogical concepts and techniques, scientific and medical advances, which are based on the latest international and national original ideas, modern technologies methods of teaching, involving the development of education the qualified teaching staff. It is necessary to educate students theyself to find special information to form a high degree of responsibility for the results of their teaching, research and creative activity. In this respect, improved management of the educational process, the search of ways to improve the quality of higher education and the of educational programs.

One of the forms of the educational process is an independent mark of student? And it is the main way of mastering educational material during free from mandatory training. For the most part of training hours are devoted to independent work of students. All this strengthens the role of the teacher as a navigator for students.

Materials and methods

The object of the study were students of 3-6 courses of medical faculty, students majoring in "Medicine" and "Pediatrics." As a subject of study, the authors selected controls the process of self-study in the Student Scientific Society of the Department of Pediatric Surgery of Donetsk National Medical University named after Gorky.


Student Scientific Society of the Department of Pediatric Surgery, Anesthesiology and Intensive Care was established in 1968. Student Scientific Society meeting held once a week during school hours in the premises of the department and medical diagnostic rooms Pediatric Surgery Clinic named after N. L. Kusch on the basis of the regional children's hospital in Donetsk. The duration of their training is usually three hours. Familiarizing students to the search operation, as well as in science, greatly increases their interest in learning and the chosen specialty, leads to a significant increase in the level of medical knowledge and practical skills.

Thematic course of such employment is known in advance, the schedule for both semesters has been made at the beginning of the school year. Preference is given to topics that are leaders in scientific and medical activities of the department. Due to the broad profile of our clinics, there is possibility to consider the theoretical and practical aspects of general surgery, urology, oncology, operating Teratology, neonatology, anesthesiology and resuscitation. Management of scientific creativity of students is the laborious work that requires daily attention and skillful approach. Scientific director of the circle is assigned the most qualified and experienced faculty. Acting assistant director of the circle carries assistant of the department. They provide a view of work at conferences, exhibitions, competitions, organize meetings of the circle. Part of the meeting of the Student Scientific Society are organizeв ин various members of the department. They are certain specialists of narrow profile.

In order to achieve the main goals of the student research circle must give the students the skills of independent selection, to pass in review the medical literature, to teach to do conclusions and generalizations. That all allow them to carry out research work.

Students who have chosen scientific circle Clinic of Pediatric Surgery, write to it at the first meeting. Usually at this meeting they hear reports of the previous year, discuses the work plan. They re-elect secretary of the circle, which organize the work of the circle, and then check up students' work and documentation.

In the work of student scientific society of our clinic reveal two main forms of activity of students - theoretical and practical, and they are both present in the meetings of scientific societies. The theoretical part involves the use of students of modern features information by exploring Internet resources, monographs, periodicals. Proper research is carried out by working with archival materials, history-taking, different types of surveys. A positive feature of the meetings of student scientific society is freedom of discussion and exchange of opinions, with in conclusion resume the employee of the department. Often the conversation becomes more multiplicity than the usual thing and this are accompanied by a discussion of general clinical questions, problems of medical ethics and deontology.

One of the fundamental moment in the organization of research work of students is the choice of research topics, which to determine for many years the direction of scientific interests of the student. The scientific leader helps him in this? But also the student may determine himself in one of scientific problem, what he wants to solve. The choice of topic to be confirmed in the course of research. The chosen theme should be specific must be completed within the academic year.

In the spring semester student we hold the student`s conference and discuss the results that have been obtained on the basis of studies. The best works are represented for university-wide, national and international student`s conference. The experience of the student research conferences shows that each year raises the general level of work and the quality of reports that  indicating the increased intelligence of students and skilful work of scientific leaders. The quality of design work, reports and presentations are improved by using modern technical means that evidence of the growing skills of students to work with computer.

Obligatory form of activity in the Student`s Scientific Society is involved the students in the diagnostic and therapeutic manipulation. It is performed during urgent duty at night and weekends. This is particularly important when student`s group visits the department up to 15 people and all of them sent to the operating room to see the action of surgical intervention is impossible. If a student wants to become a pediatric surgeon in the future, he may take part in the operations as a second assistant what allow him to choose his future profession. This must help him understand whether or no he can become a surgeon and endure physical and mental stress. Students regularly take an active part in the surgical treatment of animals on the basis of a veterinary clinic in Donetsk. Students report on the work once a month, with the subsequent analysis of treatment strategies and manipulations.

The best representatives of the Student`s Scientific Society of the Department of Pediatric Surgery, Anesthesiology and Intensive Care of Donetsk National Medical University. Gorky are recommended to internship, magistracy, clinical internship and postgraduate studies in pediatric surgery and pediatric anesthesiology each year.


1. Specialization in pediatric surgery, anesthesiology and resuscitation should begin with the Student`s Scientific Society. Job Student Scientific Society is an effective form of learning, based on increasing students' interest in pediatric surgery.

2. To be engaged in research in the Student`s Scientific Society promotes the formation of the specialist and the scientist.

3. Revitalization of Student`s Scientific Society improves the efficiency of pediatric surgery training at the Graduate School of Medicine of Ukraine.


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